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I have a directory TEST inside ftp. If i use method ftp.FileExists("/TEST/File.txt") return always true even if file is not present. Any idea?

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DirectoryExists() problem

I use DirectoryExists() to check if a Directory is exits. It work well with not emty directory. But it return false with emty directory. Please check it out!

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V4.0 FtpConnection.DirectoryExists Error

When a folder contains no files and directories, FtpConnection.DirectoryExists() will return false, which the return should be true. I also have checked if there is only one file under a folder, a...

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Incompatibility of the library between IE6 and IE7/IE8

Hello, First of all, congratulations for your work. We are facing an issue about a strange behavior with the use of the library between an IE6 and IE7/IE8 system. We are using a same script to p...

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How to use GetFile to retrieve Uncached files

Thank you for developing the FTPLIB component. Currently the call to FtpGetFile will always return back the Cached version of the file. In my application I am retrieving a file that changes frequ...

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DWORD Flags are supposed to be UInt32

First of all, I would like to thank you for this excellent project! I noticed that in your WININET wrapper class that you use a signed int type (Int32) for your P/Invoke declarations, this would w...

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Login impossible with right password, server...

Hi ! I've been using FtpLib for a few weeks now, but I just found (3 days ago) an error that is beyong my understanding... I'm accessing my FTP servers as showed in the doc : using (FtpConnection f...

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File Transfer Bottlenecking

I'm using this library as the underlying ftp client to my wcf service. I'm doing this to accomplish ftp operation on a system from another system as remote storage wasn't working. Now my problem is...

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Time zone conflict between client.GetDirectoryList() and client.GetFileModificationTime()

The GetDirectoryList() function returns FileCreationTime values in the FTP server's time zone. However, the GetFileModificationTime() function returns the time in the local time zone. This can be a...

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Get Error - Handle is Invalid while Getting Directory list

I am getting error - 'handle is invalid' - while getting List of Directories using GetDirectories(string mask) method. this error i do not get in regular manner but in random manner.   How to fix...

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