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Incompatibility of the library between IE6 and IE7/IE8



First of all, congratulations for your work.
We are facing an issue about a strange behavior with the use of the library between an IE6 and IE7/IE8 system.

We are using a same script to put a file on a FTP server using this library.

If IE6 is installed on the system, our script through the library works well. The FTP Connection then the GetFiles Functions works fine.

But if IE7(or IE8) is installed, our script through the library doesn't works. The FTP Connection is OK but the GetFiles Function generates the next error:
"FTP exception : FtpLib.FtpException Message : 200 Command okay
227 Entering passive mode (10,0,1,73,219,250)."

We suspect that the file "wininet.dll" for IE7/IE8 is incompatible with IE7 or IE8.

Is there a workaround to use this library with IE7/IE8 configuration ?

Thanks for your answer!