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Login impossible with right password, server...


Hi !
I've been using FtpLib for a few weeks now, but I just found (3 days ago) an error that is beyong my understanding...
I'm accessing my FTP servers as showed in the doc :
using (FtpConnection ftp = new FtpConnection(detail.FtpServer, detail.FtpUsername, detail.FtpPassword))
And I'm getting a Win32Exception with error code 0x2eee. That error corresponds to "12014 ERROR_INTERNET_INCORRECT_PASSWORD - The request to connect and log on to an FTP server could not be completed because the supplied password is incorrect.".

The problem is that I tried successfully to connect with those information with FileZilla and Firefox.
I even tried with .Net's FtpWebRequest.
I can also access other FTP server or even the same server with another account without trouble.
The only one the keeps saying the password isn't ok is FtpLib with this specific password. Does anyone know why ? And how to correct it.

PS : I thought it might be because of special characters but I have no possibility to change it... (Special characters contained : "$à&!:?")


Nanolenain wrote Jan 29, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Finally found the problem : it's pretty much what I thought. Somme characters aren't encoded as should be.

Simple solution : Encode password to ANSI.

wrote Jan 29, 2014 at 3:20 PM